Eilidh Ross joins Inksters in Inverness

17 May 2011

Inksters has established a presence in the Highlands, providing specialised advice in the field of Crofting Law.

Crofting specialist Eilidh Ross has joined the firm, bringing with her a body of experience gained from working in the field of crofting law for the past five years.

From our base in Glasgow, Inksters have gone from strength to strength, over the past 12 years, winning many accolades along the way, in particular related to the use of technology.

It is the highly specialised nature of Crofting Law, together with the use of the most up to date technology, which Inksters believe will prove to be a winning combination. “By taking advantage of the latest technological developments, Eilidh will be able to spend a much higher proportion of her time visiting clients at home or at their crofts and generally having a high profile presence in the crofting areas, providing the very highest level of advice regardless of geography,” said Brian Inkster.

Crofting Law is increasingly seen as a ‘niche’ area of law, and crofters, prospective crofters, landlords and others require specialised advice to ensure that their interests are protected. “Crofts mean different things to different people, but in many cases there is an unquantifiable but undeniable element of being deeply connected to that land, and of course this is particularly so when land has been in the same family for a long time,” said Eilidh.

Inksters can also provide advice in other areas of property and land law, together with family law, wills, trusts and executries and litigation through the civil courts.


Eilidh Ross (also known as Eilidh Ross MacLellan or Eilidh MacLellan) worked for Inksters in Inverness and then Portree for 5 years from 2011 to 2016. She no longer practises as a solicitor.

Eilidh's work at Inksters was taken over by our Crofting Law A-Team which now consists of:-

Brian Inkster

Derek Flyn

Martin Minton

Alistair Sloan

Vicki Macleod Folan

The most experienced and the largest team of crofting lawyers within any law firm in Scotland.

See also our Crofting Law Blog for what has been described as an “invaluable source of information that [is] virtually impossible to find anywhere else”.

If you need to call in the 'Crofting Law A-Team' then phone Rose Sullivan on 0345 450 0123 and she will direct you to the most appropriate member of the team for your needs. Alternatively e-mail the crofting law A-Team.

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