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Inksters are constantly growing in size and expanding our reach across Scotland. We are happy to hear from anyone who could fit in well with our existing team. If you think that might be you then please drop us a line, by e-mail or by post, with a copy of your CV.


We are particularly interested in talking to more senior solicitors who may wish to explore a fee sharing consultancy role which Inksters can facilitate wherever you want to live/work in Scotland and whatever area of law you practice in. This gives you freedom and independance that you will not find in traditional law firms. Contact Brian Inkster for an initial chat if that is of interest to you.

If you are not situated where we currently have offices you could be instrumental in determining the location of Inksters' next office!

Think ahead and you could end up part of one of the UK's most forward thinking law firms.

For our dedicated recruitment website for self employed consultants see Plug and Play Law.

Join the Plug & Play Law Waitlist

You can also Join the Plug & Play Law Waitlist to become part of our inner circle community who will get priority access and information on Plug & Play Law during 2024.

Inksters is the foremost Plug & Play Law firm in Scotland with by far the largest number of consultant solicitors and the greatest geographical reach.

We've operated and perfected the Plug & Play Law model for 11 years and have been in business as a law firm for 25 years.

Working with Inksters under the Plug & Play Law model gives you more of the fees you generate; complete freedom of how, where and when you work; and allows you to focus on doing the legal work you love to do.

We look forward to hearing from you.


We are not recruiting for trainee solicitors at present.