Quality Solicitors Organisation

Inksters, became, in May 2009, the founding Scottish Member firm of QualitySolicitors. This was before QualitySolicitors became the branded organisation that it is today. Inksters decided not to rebrand as QualitySolicitors Inksters but instead left QualitySolicitors in 2011 and are building their own unique brand Inksters.

The Quality Solicitors Organisation is a unique nationwide alliance of local and regional law firms launched on 11 May 2009 with just over 100 founding member firms in an ambitious bid to develop the first recognisable ‘legal brand’ to compete with non-legal corporations widely predicted to enter the legal market from 2011 such as the AA, Tesco and HBOS.

The Quality Solicitors Organisation had strict quality eligibility criteria for those firms it allowed to be members; they had to adhere to the QualitySolicitors code of conduct. In addition, they had to allow the organisation to obtain regular customer feedback on their service delivery (something that they no longer do since they became a branded organisation), with under-performing firms not permitted to remain in the organisation. The Quality Solicitors Organisation did insist on the best UK solicitors in order to ensure the reputation of the brand. QualitySolicitors envisaged being the place people turn to when looking for a solicitor. They wanted to bring an end to the lottery of finding and choosing a solicitor.