Selling Property

Once you have found a buyer for your property, either using our estate agency service or on your own, Inksters’ role is to negotiate a binding contract of sale which sets out the price, when the transaction will be completed and the keys handed over, and many other details such as exactly what is to be included in the sale. We will obtain the necessary Searches and certificates which will prove to the buyer’s solicitor that you are in a position to sell. We will then settle the transaction by delivering a signed disposition to the buyer in exchange for the purchase price, which we will then pass on to you once we have discharged any mortgage over the property and taken off the fees and outlays involved in the conveyance.

Our many years of experience should ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible but it is advisable that you contact us as early as you can, not just once you have found a buyer and are ready to go ahead with the sale. There may be outstanding things such as problems with local authority consents for alterations you have carried out which need to be addressed and which can slow down the sale if not enough time is left.