Moncrieff -v- Jamieson : Sheriff Court

On 7th July 2003 after 39 callings of the case at Lerwick Sheriff Court, including 10 days of evidence and 4 days of closing submissions, and after having visited the site himself, Sheriff Colin Scott Mackenzie found in favour of the Moncrieffs.

Significantly the Sheriff stated:-

“It is obvious that a servitude of vehicle parking is a prime candidate for recognition and our law is flexible enough to allow that to happen. It is not a large step to recognise a right to park as ancillary to a right of access. Other jurisdictions have done so. The two notions must merge at times.” [2004 SCLR 135 at 172]

Thus Moncrieff v Jamieson became “one of the most important cases on servitudes in the last one hundred years” [Commentary by R Paisley: 2004 SCLR 135 at 185], and that even before the Court of Session and House of Lords decisions that were to follow.

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