Wills Scotland

You might not have considered writing a will but for most people it is a very important tool in looking after your family’s future. Not only can you make financial decisions about where your property should go but you can also set out who you want to be a legal guardian of your children and can record your wishes about your funeral. It is important to keep your will up-to-date as the people and relationships in your life change so, even if you already have one, it is worth considering whether it still reflects what you would like to happen.

At Inksters, we can advise on all aspects of succession law including the appointment of guardians and the consequences of marriage, separation and divorce. We will listen sensitively and non-judgementally to your wishes and draft a will which will make sure they are followed.

Before you contact us, why not give some thought to the following questions: What would you like to happen to your property? Have you any particular wishes in terms of a funeral? If you have children, who would you like to be in charge of their welfare? Who would you like to appoint as the executor to your estate? One or more people can be appointed as executor and they are in charge of paying any debts from and administering the estate in accordance with your wishes. Inksters can also help with this, making the whole process easier for the people involved. See our executries section for details.

Another aspect of thinking about your future is thinking about how your affairs would be administered if you were no longer able to. We can advise you on the options open to you such as granting a Power of Attorney.

If you would like to discuss making a will then please contact Jacqueline Harkins on 0141 229 2880 or send Jacqueline an e-mail.